About Us


Sportius Global is one of Australia’s leading sports and entertainment companies. Since being established we have worked hard to earn our reputation as a major player both locally and globally.

Our reason for existing can be put simply: To ensure the needs of our clients are always met above and beyond expectations.

With more than 25 years experience in the sporting, entertainment, corporate and travel industries – the team at Sportius possesses the knowledge and strategic partners to ensure every aspect of your event or tour with us leaves you totally satisfied.

Our Chairman, President & CEO Jason Coorey has earned a reputation, both in Australia and globally, as one of the sport and entertainment industry’s most likeable identities. Since 1994 Jason has personally managed and guided some of Australia’s best athletes and entertainment identities, and has worked on some of the biggest sporting projects around the world.

In 2000 Jason became one of the Australian Olympic Committee’s first accredited sports agents. In 2008 Jason led a consortium that saw 2 luxury cruise liners used as floating hotels in Hong Kong as a platform to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games housing 18,000 tourists over 16 nights.

In 2011 Jason was asked to be a member of Victorian Events Industry Council (VEIC). This was a significant achievement given Jason had only been based in Melbourne a very short time before being invited to join this very exclusive council.

But it was 2012 that really saw Jason, and Sportius, come of age. Its commercial venture in London for the 2012 London Olympic Games was one of the only ones approved to dock in the iconic Thames River, and it was here that Sportius hosted some of the worlds leading sporting, entertainment and business identities onboard the luxury yacht, Caledonian Sky. Sportius also hosted undoubtedly some of the London Games’ best parties and became a second home to many of the Australian and international athletes after their games commitments were completed!

Jason’s focus now is to keep driving on one of the world’s most unique boutique sporting and corporate tour companies to an even higher level – with even more amazing experiences and events…so it’s fair to say that his outlook for the future of Sportius is as bold as ever!